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Image ID: 131047890

Caption : VILLUPURAM,15/02/2012:Tourist spot deserves better maintainance: Fossil woods of Tiruvakkarai area, South Arcot District of Tamil Nadu, in the National Fossil wood park at Thiruvakkarai in villupuram district deserves better display. Near the village of Tiruvakkarai, petrified ( Fossilised ) tree trunks are reported to be more than 30 metres long. Fossil woods are of bark, roots or branches. There is a popular belief these petrified tree trunks are the bones of Rakshasa ( or ) Demon slained on the spot by God Vishnu. The fossilised woods from Tiruvakkarai are attributed to Mesembrioxylon, Schmidianum ( Gymnosperm ) and ( Angiosperm ). Modern families like Guttiferae, Leguminosae and Euphorbiacea. Photo:C.Venkatachalapath

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Photographer :C Venkatachalapathy

Sub-Category: NATURAL Science

Creation Date: 2012-02-15
Image Size: 3824 x 2400 pixels
File Size: 2 MB

Country :INDIA

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